Reading and Its 5 Benefits

“The beginning of knowledge is in a book”…Rachael Woods



Reading Produces Results. No matter how much information I already know, there always seems to be a few more nuggets of useful information I get after reading a book or article. Reading a variety of text helps you have a grasp on different topics, which allows you to formulate correct questions and answers to different situations. It allows you to have an understanding of the task ahead.  For instance, learning to read and comprehend scientific articles has helped me to form my own ideologies in the scientific world. However, learning to read my bible enables me to make informed life choices.

So, Read You Must. You don’t start a business without conducting research. You don’t graduate from school without reading history and understanding the material. Reading is essential! And its benefits are endless.

Benefits of Reading

1.) Advanced/Expanded Vocabulary

2.) Increase your general Knowledge

3.) Increase ability to have conversations with different ethnic/economic groups

4.) Improve your Analytical Thinking Skills

5.) Relieves Stress

“Anything that you do, do it intelligently”….Rachael Woods