I Loss 27 lbs!!

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Before I give my schpeel on how I loss the 27 pounds, I want to say that YOU CAN do this!  It is going to be hard, you are going to want to give up at some point, you may give up and start again but, if you want to live a long and healthy life, it is worth it! When I began this journey in March 2015 I had many failed attempts. Due to weather and working conditions I was not as consist as I should have been. Therefore I plateaued a few times for weeks at a time, but I knew that it was really important that I lose the weight for many reasons.

 How to be successful!!

  1. Set realistic goals. It is possible to lose a large amount of weight using extreme diets and exercise programs over a short period of time. But for myself I have realized that after the diet is over the weight gain happens. I think this is because my focus is on eating or exercising for a short period of time and then I return back to eating unhealthy foods, binge eating and no exercising. The key to long term weight loss is consistency; having consistent eating habits. I love bread and sweets (etc…pies and cakes) but I recognize that I can’t eat these types of food on a daily or weekly basis. So set realistic goals eat to bread but not every day, and choose healthy bread options.
  1. Choose to be happy by having the right motivation. Don’t view this new “lifestyle” of eating healthy and exercising as a punishment. Believe me, in the end it will be worth it. But if you lose the weight for the wrong reasons you won’t stick with it simply because you have no expected outcome or benefit.
  1. Make gradual changes to your diet to eat healthier. I do not suggest a cold cut diet. Meaning you cut out everything in one day. Usually that works for a short period of time. But eventually it becomes mundane and exhausting. First cut out bad drinks, they maybe high in sugar content and then progressively cut out other unhealthy habits.
  1. Workout consistently. You may choose to work out twice a week or 4 times a week. Whatever it is be consistent. During the course of your workout plan you may need to switch up your type of work outs so that you don’t plateau, like I did. Or you may need to increase your work out time to maintain the weight loss. So don’t get stuck on a routine exercise program that does not progressively push you harder as the weeks go on unless you weight loss potentially will decrease drastically.





Vlog 001: Fitness Journey

Hi All,

Welcome back to Inspired Lifestyle. Today I decided to post a vlog while at the track to not only help myself, by being accountable but also to motivate others to begin there fitness journey. I have loss 6lbs to date and very excited about the progress! Slow and steady!!

Hope you all enjoy!!


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Lets Go Healthier Lifestyle

Hi All,

This post is a review of my newest gadget, the FitSmart by Adidas!! I actively working towards a healthier lifestyle that promote positive change in my life. I hope you enjoy and NO this was not a sponsored video.



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Healthy Lifestyle,Healthier Hair!!

As always, consult your health professional before starting a vitamin or mineral supplement regimen or exercise program.

Most of us spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars buying products and vitamins to help promote healthy growing hair. Trust me, I was also a part of this cycle for years. Why won’t my hair grow? Why do I experience so much breakage? What if the problem stems from more than taking a vitamin a day? I believe that your overall health helps to promote healthy growing hair.

Promote a Healthy Eating Lifestyle. I know this can be hard, I love snacks too, but eating healthy can taste good!! A balanced diet is essential to the overall health of your body and hair. Therefore, include plenty of fruits, vegetables, fish, and meats in your daily diet. It is also important to include the right proteins in your diet: fish, turkey, chicken, eggs, bean, nuts and soy products. These foods promote keratin production, which happens to be the building block of hair. Other essential nutrients to include are Iron, Zinc, and Vitamin C. Iron helps to deliver oxygen to the cells in your body, while Zinc helps in the repair of your tissue and insures hair follicles are producing oil properly. Vitamin C is needed to break down iron, as well as, help build up hair that is prone to breakage. So the next time you want snack cakes and candy, try to substitute them with fruits or vegetables that you love instead.

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Exercise. Along with eating healthy, exercise will help to improve your overall health. Exercises help reduce stress, process food, improve sleep patterns, as well as, maintain a healthy weight.

In addition to eating health and exercise, I think it’s perfectly fine to take vitamin and mineral supplements. Taking a supplement can fill in the gaps for the lack of vitamins ingested from your daily diet, or lack of your body to produce these vitamins. Also, supplements contain essential vitamins that may help prevent heart disease, cancer, and other health related problems. I am merely pointing out the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

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As always, consult your health professional before starting a vitamin or mineral supplement regimen or exercise program.


Rachael Woods