Inexpensive Wig Review 001

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Well its been a few weeks since I posted because I have been so busy lately. I recently started a new job,relocated and celebrated the 1 year Blogiversary of Inspired Lifestyle. With that being say as you already know that past few weeks have been an emotionally roll-coaster.  So a lot of exciting things are happening! Stay Tuned!!

This weeks video is a review on the Janet Collection W- part wig. Tune in to hear my thoughts on this inexpensive wig $21.


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Rachael Woods


Shea Moisture Hair Products


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Welcome back to my channel Inspired Lifestyle!! Today I talk about my initial thoughts about the Shea Moisture High Porosity line of products. I purchased these products from Target. Each product price range from $10-$13. Due to my busy schedule i have not posted a second video about these products, but to be honest, I am overall impressed with these products. I have added other products to my regime in hopes to restore and revive my hair. If you haven’t already, like this video and subscribe to my channel for weekly updates!!


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Gogo Curl Initial Review

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Welcome back to Inspired Lifestyle. I know I know, I have not been very inconsistent posting here on my blog page. But I have been more consistent posting on my Youtube Channel. I will however, over the few next weeks, attempt to upload past Youtube videos as well as post fresh content to my blog page and YouTube Channel. A few post you can look forward to will be: The Transitional Place, Blast From the Past and Celebrating Inspired Lifestyle’s One Year Anniversary.

Well to the point of this post!!

Today’s post is a brief review of my initial thoughts on the Fretress Gogo Curl Crotchet Hair in length 12″ inch and color 99J and 1B. Hope you all enjoy!!

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Healthy Lifestyle,Healthier Hair!!

As always, consult your health professional before starting a vitamin or mineral supplement regimen or exercise program.

Most of us spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars buying products and vitamins to help promote healthy growing hair. Trust me, I was also a part of this cycle for years. Why won’t my hair grow? Why do I experience so much breakage? What if the problem stems from more than taking a vitamin a day? I believe that your overall health helps to promote healthy growing hair.

Promote a Healthy Eating Lifestyle. I know this can be hard, I love snacks too, but eating healthy can taste good!! A balanced diet is essential to the overall health of your body and hair. Therefore, include plenty of fruits, vegetables, fish, and meats in your daily diet. It is also important to include the right proteins in your diet: fish, turkey, chicken, eggs, bean, nuts and soy products. These foods promote keratin production, which happens to be the building block of hair. Other essential nutrients to include are Iron, Zinc, and Vitamin C. Iron helps to deliver oxygen to the cells in your body, while Zinc helps in the repair of your tissue and insures hair follicles are producing oil properly. Vitamin C is needed to break down iron, as well as, help build up hair that is prone to breakage. So the next time you want snack cakes and candy, try to substitute them with fruits or vegetables that you love instead.

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Exercise. Along with eating healthy, exercise will help to improve your overall health. Exercises help reduce stress, process food, improve sleep patterns, as well as, maintain a healthy weight.

In addition to eating health and exercise, I think it’s perfectly fine to take vitamin and mineral supplements. Taking a supplement can fill in the gaps for the lack of vitamins ingested from your daily diet, or lack of your body to produce these vitamins. Also, supplements contain essential vitamins that may help prevent heart disease, cancer, and other health related problems. I am merely pointing out the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

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As always, consult your health professional before starting a vitamin or mineral supplement regimen or exercise program.


Rachael Woods