Gogo Curl Initial Review

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Welcome back to Inspired Lifestyle. I know I know, I have not been very inconsistent posting here on my blog page. But I have been more consistent posting on my Youtube Channel. I will however, over the few next weeks, attempt to upload past Youtube videos as well as post fresh content to my blog page and YouTube Channel. A few post you can look forward to will be: The Transitional Place, Blast From the Past and Celebrating Inspired Lifestyle’s One Year Anniversary.

Well to the point of this post!!

Today’s post is a brief review of my initial thoughts on the Fretress Gogo Curl Crotchet Hair in length 12″ inch and color 99J and 1B. Hope you all enjoy!!

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Overcoming Your Past

Hi All,

Welcome back to inspired lifestyle. Rachael will be talking about letting go of your past. It is time to move forward in the liberty that you have been given. Hopefully this post short video will encourage you to move forward and let go of the past.

Love ya!! Rachael


The Newness of Life

Hi All,

I pray that each of you walk in the newness of life.  No matter what the enemy may tell you remember you are a new creature through Christ (2 Cori.5:17). Why not walk in the newness of life knowing that the old habits and old ways of life for you are dead.

Same temptations +new you =a new result.


Love always,


Rachael Woods


Hi Yall,

I know it has been awhile since I have posted on my blog my deepest apologies. During this period time and energy are very very precious and very little, LOL. I have posted a short video of encouragement below. I hope that it encourages someone to trust the Lords plan for your life.

Embrace “IT “

Hi All,

Todays message is simple.  Embrace “it”. That can range from difficult situatuons to embracing a new path.  Dont be afraid for the Lord is with yoi where ever you go,  and his eye is guiding you every step of the way.  PhotoGrid_1459358557356.jpg

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Thought of the Day

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Today put much effort towards having an attitude of gratitude!   Be thankful for everything. No things may not be what you want to be but be thankful for what he has given you then he will send a increase. So have a Thanksgiving prayer today not asking for anything just be thankful for a home a bed to sleep in shoes clothing…. Etc.


Love ,