3 Reasons to Follow Your Dreams

Hello Family! Happy 2018! and Welcome back to Inspired Lifestyle! 

It is time for you to pursue your God-given dream(s).  These are the desires, passions and visions that God has placed on the inside of you and it is time for you to pursue!  So,  I want to encourage you today with 3 reasons why you should get up out of your seats,get off the bed,  get off the couch get off  and get moving pursuing your God-given dreams.


1.) God has given you the dream.

You did not choose this by mistake God chose you for this dream for this purpose for this reason and for this season he has chosen you therefore you should get up and do what He is calling you to do.

1 Thessalonians 1:4
For we know brothers and sisters loved by Christ that he has chosen you.

That is so beautiful to know that he chose you despite all the things that you thought
were going wrong in your life, or the mistake you made ,he still chose you for the dream and he wants you to pursue the dream (RIGHT NOW in 2018).

2.) He has given you the gifts that you need to carry out the dream.

Proverbs 18:16
A gift opens the way and utters the giver into the presence of the greats.

Whether you know it or not you are already equipped with everything that you need to carry out the dream. God has given you the gifts on the inside of you that will cause you to go forth and be prosperous.

3.) God makes provision for you along the journey.


Hebrews 13: 20-21 it says now may the
God of peace equip you with everything good for doing his will and may he work
in us what is pleasing to him.

Provision has been made for you to carry out the journey! You may be thinking as your going down this road “I don’t see it all, I don’t know it all, but by faith we begin to walk out and launch out into the deep knowing that God has made provision for us!

Be encouraged! Know that you must pursue your God-given dreams. Pray, read the Word of God and get into his presence. If you are not already praying and reading the Word I recommend you checkout The Importance of Reading the Word  and He Hears When You Pray. He will give you direction in his word. Know that he sent back the comforter, the Holy Spirit, to lead and guide us. Depend upon the Holy Spirit to give you direction concerning your dreams goals and passions I encourage you today to get up and get moving!

Love Always,



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