Restoration and Transformation

Happy New Year Family,

This my Year of Restoration and Transformation!!

I know from the title you may be thinking that this is an oxymoron. When you think of restoration you think of going back to an original state and when you think of transformation you think of changing from the original state. But give me a minute and I will explain. By definition restoration is the action of returning something to a former owner, place, or condition. There are areas of my life that need restoring. Over the past few years myself, like many of you, have experience many disappointments and hurts. However life kept going on, along with those people who hurt me and so I kept going on too. I didn’t realize that I was damaged goods. I have always known that you must have tough skin to survive and be willing to adapt to you surrounding. But I never took the time to allow these hurts to be mended. I knew I couldn’t let anything detour my from my path so I just kept walking with a load of emotional baggage attached to my side. I experienced moments of low self-esteem, arrogance,  feelings of jealousy and envy the list goes on. Not one of these things is Christ-like.

By definition transformation is a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance. The transformation that will occur (yes, I speaking it with the words of my mouth) in my life will be a result of allowing the heavenly Father to restore me. Oh my, if you know Rachael, then you know not only the word of my mouth but my thoughts are deadly. And the reality is that when in state of hurt/pain my thoughts, which then manifest as my truth about a situation, will run wild. I have completed a renewing of your mind prayers and fast throughout the past few years, and I find that this is a continuous process for me.

I know that this will be a challenge for me for many reasons. So the following are the steps that I feel led to follow in order to effectively experience a year of restoration and transformation:
1.)    I will need to acknowledge the hurt/disappointment.
2.)    I will need to take responsibility for my role in the situation.
3.)    I will need to forgive and pray for my offenders.
4.)    I will need to forgive and pray for myself.
5.)    I need to let it go (forget the former thing and press forward).
6.)    I need to focus on the bigger picture (living for Christ).
7.)    Accept what is, and what God allows for He is perfect in ALL of His ways.

I hope that this not only serves as a means to hold myself accountable but also helps you to take a step back and set goals this year that will heal you emotional, mentally and spiritually.

Love Always,



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