Mind Renewing Series: Day 1

Good Morning Loves,

For the past few months, my commitment to my faith, church, family and friends have been tested. From struggling with personal relationships,work relationships and even public relationships given the most recent events in the political world; I have taken a position of being a reactive Christian vs. a proactive Christian.

Therefore, for the next 7 days join me as I pray throughout the day for mind renewing of all of God’s people, especially myself. So, not only will we pray but also read the Bible. The reading of his Word will aid in replacing our thoughts with His thoughts. I know, that your struggle may not be my struggle but we must all pray one for another that we will stand in these trying times.



Oh Lord, you are mighty and infinite in all of your ways. I am weary,tired of worrying and attempting to figure things out on my own. So I come to you now , to give you my burdens. I lay them at your feet. I lay my plans, my loved ones, my life life at your feet. In exchange, give me your peace, love, kindness and strength.Help me to stand firm knowing that Your plans for me are perfect.Help me to trust you in every area of my life.Give me rest in you Oh Lord. I thank you Lord. Amen.


Matthew 11:28 Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.


Love Always,

Rachael Woods


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