1 Year Blogiversay & Giveaway

Hi All,

Welcome back to my blog page Inspired Lifestyle. So as you can tell, it has been 1 year since the conception of my beloved blog page. Throughout this past year I have not only experienced but learned so much about people and myself. I am forever grateful for every experience to grow and become a better, wiser and stronger. I can truly say that at the beginning of this journey I was very fearful that many wouldn’t accept my “outward” profession of Christ as well as support my vision to inspire others in every aspect of their lives, beyond the walls of the church. Today, i am glad that I embraced the vision and hope to continue to inspire not only others but myself as well.

I thank you for your support and appreciate the love. I only hope that tomorrow I will be even better with the guidance of my Lord, Jesus Christ.

Giveaway Rules: Ends 11/7/16.
1) Like this video (on Youtube Channel)
2) Subscribe to this Youtube Channel
3) Leave a comment below on my Youtube Channel

Love ya!!



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