Ready Set Today!?!

Hi All,

How many times have you said I will start this the diet on Monday, I will go to the gym starting on Monday oh I know one I will eat healthier on Monday. Why is “Monday” such a problem? We waste so much time saying we will start on _ but it never happens. Instead of saying what you’re going to do how about just do it. Just start right now, today. Why wait? But I may not keep up with it; I guarantee that you won’t keep it up if you never start. You can’t when a race if never go the starting point. You have to be intentional about the things that you know lend to a healthier and more productive lifestyle. Consider the following steps to help you get start today with a brighter and better future.

  1. See the Value. The reason we don’t start or attempt to complete majority of our “intentions” is because we don’t truly see the value. So before starting a new exercise regimen, eating habit or daily practices. Ask yourself how is this going to benefit me short term and long term. Shifting your perspective of why it is important to successfully maintain a habit will actually make you successful.



  1. Make a Decision. Stop reconsidering every two day whether or not you go through with your new habit. No more you consider the less you actually do. Make a decision today and stick to it. Remind yourself of the value of the results you are seeking and allow it to motivate you to continue your new habit.


  1. Start Today. Why wait until next week or Monday. If you start now it will make it easier. When we procrastinate you lose time that you can never get back. You also allow more time to talk yourself out of doing the habit or task. You allow your mind to become consumed with negative thoughts and forgot why you even wanted to start the new habit.


New habits are always hard to develop. Taking one day at time will help you to be successful. Remember you can do this! What new habit will you begin today?



Rachael Woods


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