Find Your Inspiration

Hello Reader,

There are a number of ways to find inspiration through the web, nature, oneself, hopes and dreams, people…ETC. Today my focus thought is to find inspiration through oneself. Instead of counting on others to inspire you, why not inspire yourself. You can ignite inspiration within yourself simply by making the right decisions today to love yourself more than ever before. That doesn’t mean that the opinions of family and friends are not important or less valuable. However, once you have learned to be realistic with oneself about your position in life and the direction you are going, inspiration will be that much easier. Below are just a few ways to inspire you.


  1. Disconnect from daily task and weights. This may only be for a few moments, but it really helps to clear your mind and refresh yourself. Here is an awesome article about mediation. Trust me this helps!!
  2. Try something different!! No, I am not saying take your life savings and open a new business today without proper research and thought, but perhaps find a DIY project for yourself. Ex learning to make a knitted hat.
  3. Let go! Lacking the motivation to move on can suffocate every hope and dream. Just let it go. There are things in your past and present that you may not be able to change. Don’t hold on to the idea, allowing it to discourage you. Make a conscious decision to be a better you today.
  4. Make a decision to have a healthy lifestyle! Not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. Make choices that will help you to grow naturally and spiritually. Eating healthy, listening to speakers who inspire you, and readings that encourage you (great sources is The Bible!). Don’t allow yourself to be around toxic people and situations.
  5. Be grateful. Look at the cup as half full instead of half empty. Be thankful for every opportunity and every situation in your life. It is building your character and faith. What you went through, who you are, and the choices you made brought you to this defining moment in your life.YOU ARE GREAT!! YOU ARE AN OVERCOMER!!

Be Inspired and Be Great!!


Rachael Woods


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